– Acute eczema: erythematous plaque, pruritic, vesicular, oozing, with poorly demarcated and crumbly borders.
– Chronic eczema: erythematous plaque, scaly, dry, poorly demarcated and pruritic.
– Look for a cause (contact allergic dermatitis, fungal or bacterial infection with a distant focus, malnutrition) and ask about family history.


– Clean with soap and water 2 times daily.

– Then:
• for acute eczema: calamine lotion, one application 2 times daily 
• for chronic eczema: zinc oxide ointment, one application 2 times daily

– Look for and treat any pre-existing condition (scabies, lice etc.).

– For patients with secondary infections: treat as impetigo.

– For patients with intense pruritus, antihistamines for a few days (see Urticaria).