2.4 Cervicitis

Inflammation of the cervix caused by a number of infectious agents – Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in more than 40% of cases.

2.4.1 Diagnosis

– Light bleeding.
– Cervix red, inflamed, infected (purulent discharge).
– Possible associated vaginitis (foul-smelling vaginal discharge).

2.4.2 Management

Antibiotics active against chlamydia and gonococcus for the patient and her partner (Chapter 4, Section 4.2.5).

A red, inflammatory and deformed cervix may indicate a more serious lesion (dysplasia or cancer). Do not, however, jump to the conclusion that it is a malignant lesion, because the appearance of the cervix can change during pregnancy (as with a severe ectropion). If in doubt, see the patient again 3 months after delivery to re-examine the cervix.