Essential drugs - July 2021 update

This guide has been updated. This month's revision includes in particular: significant changes (2), new entries (1), deleted entries (2)....

Significant changes
.  Ceftriaxone inj: dose for treatment of urogenital gonorrhea increased (500 mg instead of 250 mg).
.  Ciprofloxacin oral: duration of second-line treatment for cystitis in young, non-pregnant women reduced (3 days instead of 5 days).

New entries
. Potassium chloride 15% inj: the MSF new standard concentration is 2 mmol/ml (15%), 10 ml, amp.

Deleted entries
. Malathion: for treatment of head lice, use dimeticone or permethrin.
. Potassium chloride 10% inj. 

For MSF staff: the obsolete concentration [Potassium chloride, 1.34 mg/ml (10%), 10 ml, amp] should be removed from regular stocks, prepositioned stocks, clinical areas/departments and replaced with the new concentration.
. MSF projects should implement the change as soon as the new concentration is available at pharmacy level.
The change should be implemented in all MSF medical facilities at once.
The obsolete concentration should be either discarded appropriately or donated if receiving facilities use the 1.34 mmol/ml concentration (i.e. 10%).