7.7 Summary of patient registration

Table 7.1 summarizes the elements necessary for defining a TB case.

Table 7.1 - Patient registration by outcome of most recent TB treatment2

Registration groups based on treatment history

Further classification


  1. PTB or EPTB? If EPTB, indicate site.
  2. Bacteriologically confirmed or non-confirmed TB case?
  3. Sub-category of bacteriological status:
    • Smear positive/negative/not done
    • Culture positive/negative/not done
    • Molecular test positive/negative/not done
  4. If previously treated:
    • Document last regimen received
    • History of second-line drug use
  5. DST pattern: susceptible to H and R, confirmed H resistance and R susceptible, RR-TB, MDR-TB or XDR-TB
  6. HIV status (negative/positive/not done)
  7. Other co-morbidities?

Previously treated



Treatment interruption