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    Last updated: July 2022


    Papules: transient, erythematous, oedematous, pruritic, resembling nettle stings.

    Look for a cause: food or drug (particularly antibiotic) allergy, insect bites; the invasive stage of a bacterial or parasitic infection (ascariasis, strongylodiasis, ancylostomiasis, schistosomiasis, loiasis), viral infection (hepatitis B or C); generalised disease (cancer, lupus, dysthyroidism, vasculitis).


    • If the pruritus is intense, antihistamines for a few days:
      loratadine PO
      Children over 2 years and under 30 kg: 5 mg (5 ml) once daily
      Children over 30 kg and adults: 10 mg (1 tab) once daily
    • In the event of anaphylactic reaction, see Shock (Chapter 1).