6.1 Routine screening

Intensive case-finding (ICF) should be in place in all projects providing care to HIV-infected patients. Screening can be performed at multiple points in time by different levels of health care workers (e.g. counsellors during HIV testing, health care providers during clinical consultations).

All children and adults should be regularly screened for TB using the following criteria:

Table 6.1 - Screening criteria/symptoms in children and adults1



  • Current cough*
  • Fever
  • Poor weight gain**
  • Contact with a contagious person
  • Current cough*
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Night sweats

* Asking about “current cough”, rather than cough for 2 weeks, is more sensitive for TB disease in HIV-infected individuals2.
** Poor weight gain is defined as reported weight loss or underweight or confirmed weight loss > 5% since last visit, or growth curve flattening.