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Essential drugs - July 2022 update

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This guide has been updated. This month's revision includes in particular: significant changes (7), new entries (1), deleted entries (2)

Significant changes
  • Oral drugs
    • Amitriptyline: fully revised
    • Chlorpromazine: fully revised
  • Haloperidol: fully revised
  • Olanzapine: fully revised
  • Promethazine: fully revised
  • Risperidone: fully revised


  • Injectable drugs
    • Haloperidol: fully revised
New entries
  • Injectable drugs
    • Promethazine: for the management of agitation or aggressive behaviour in patients with acute or chronic psychosis
Deleted entries
  • Oral drugs
    • Chlorphenamine (chlorpheniramine)


  • Injectable drugs
    • Chlorpromazine


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