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Essential drugs – October 2022 update

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This guide has been updated. This month's revision includes in particular: significant changes (4), new entries (0), deleted entries (1)

Significant changes
  • Oral drugs:
    • Azithromycin: fully revised. In particular, indications “Louse-borne relapsing fever” and “Tick-borne relapsing fevers” added.
    • Doxycycline: fully revised. In particular, treatment for tick-borne relapsing fevers, rickettsioses and plague updated.


  • Injectable drugs:
    • Benzylpenicillin: indication “Diphtheria” removed; indication “Leptospirosis” added.
    • Ceftriaxone: indication “Tick-borne relapsing fevers” added.
Deleted entries
  • Infusion fluids:
    • Modified fluid gelatin/Polygeline