Stomatitis from scurvy (vitamin C deficiency)

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    Clinical features

    Bleeding gums, associated in infants with lower limb pain caused by subperiosteal haemorrhage. It is common in contexts of poor food quality or in populations completely dependent on food aid (refugee camps).


    ascorbic acid (vitamin C) PO
    The optimal dose has not been established. For information:
    Children 1 month to 11 years: 100 mg 3 times daily 
    Children 12 years and over and adults: 250 mg 3 times daily 
    Children 1 month to 3 years: 100 mg 2 times daily
    Children 4 to 11 years: 250 mg 2 times daily 
    Children 12 years and over and adults: 500 mg 2 times daily 


    Treatment is administred at least 2 weeks or longer (until symptoms resolve), then preventive treatment is given (children and adults: 50 mg daily as long as the situation requires).