8.2 Activities to implement

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    8.2.1 Epidemiological surveillance

    The surveillance system for measles cases should be reinforced at the national, regional and local level.
    All means necessary for surveillance (standardised case definition and standardised data collection forms) should be available at all levels.
    Health staff should be informed about the risk of an outbreak so they can quickly identify the first cases.

    8.2.2 Laboratory surveillance

    All means necessary for performing laboratory tests on the first suspected cases (sample collection equipment, information form for laboratory diagnosis of measles, laboratory contact information, etc.) should be available at the regional and local level.

    8.2.3 Patient management

    The information needed for quickly setting up care should be assembled and updated:

    • population census;
    • geographic map and access (distance and road conditions);
    • health system and personnel (including those with vaccination experience);
    • availability of drugs and supplies;
    • available means of transportation;
    • list of actors and partners.


    Treatment kits should be pre-positioned at the regional and local level in order to treat patients in the first few weeks of the outbreak. Stocks are estimated based on the epidemiological data from previous years (at-risk areas, population).


    Treatment protocols should be available at all health care facilities.

    8.2.4 Vaccination

    In addition to the information above, the information needed for quickly organising a vaccination campaign should be assembled and updated:

    • availability of vaccines and injection supplies;
    • inventory of cold chain equipment;
    • existing vaccination guidelines (national and other).

    8.2.5 Public information and sensitization activities

    Messages should be prepared and information channels ready to disseminate the information.

    8.2.6 Outbreak management committees

    The committees are reactivated at the national, regional and local level to coordinate the preparation for and response to the outbreak.

    8.2.7 Budget

    A budget should be drawn up in order to obtain the funding needed for operations.