7.3 Anatomical site of the disease

Pulmonary TB (PTB): refers to a case of TB presenting with involvement of the lung parenchyma.
• Miliary TB is also classified as PTB because there are lesions in the lungs.
• Any patient presenting with PTB and an EPTB form at the same time is classified as a PTB case for recording purposes.

Extrapulmonary TB (EPTB): refers to a case of TB involving organs other then the lungs. Diagnosis is based on clinical signs corresponding to extrapulmonary active TB and a decision by a clinician to treat with a full course of anti-TB drugs1 .
• Sputum smear microscopy should always be done, and if possible culture and/or molecular test.
• Patients presenting with tuberculous pleural effusion, or mediastinal lymphadenopathy without evidence of parenchymal localization are classified in this category.

Ref Notes
1 If possible, obtain histological or bacteriological evidence (microscopy, culture or molecular test).