Appendix 32. MDR/RR-TB treatment card

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    Update: May 2024


    32.1 Example

    A BPaLM regimen is prescribed for a woman weighting 52 kg.


    July 01: the clinician writes the prescribed treatment for the 1st month on the monthly grid. The patient starts the treatment under DOT. For each drug taken, the treatment supporter ticks the corresponding box in the grid.


    July 11 and 12: the patient does not take the prescribed drugs for any reason. The treatment supporter enters a zero in the corresponding boxes.


    July 15: Bdq is given 3 times a week (instead of once daily) as per standard protocol.


    At the end of the month, the treatment supporter or the clinician calculates the monthly adherence rate.


    August 01: the clinician provides a new monthly grid and the treatment supporter fills it in as above.


    Proceed in the same way every month until the end of the treatment.


    Note: Lzd dose is decreased to 300 mg daily from Week 17 as per standard protocol.


    TB-Appendix 32_Example


    32.2 Templates

    MDR/RR-TB treatment card.pdf

    MDR/RR-TB treatment card.docx