7.2 Human resources

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    7.2.1 Staff needs and task distribution

    The list of staff required and job descriptions in Appendix 18 and Appendix 19 are given as an example. They should be adapted to the context (resources, size and organisation of the facility, etc.).
    CTCs and CTUs operate 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Plan the necessary staff to cover these needs (day/night/rest periods).

    7.2.2 Staff training and supervision

    Common core training (medical and technical staff)

    All CTC, CTU and ORP staff must be trained before opening a treatment facility, particularly if they have little or no cholera experience. Common core training focuses on:

    • Cholera: symptoms, mode of transmission, means of prevention;
    • Rules in the facility (hygiene, protective clothing, circulation, etc.) and their aims.

    In areas affected by cholera for the first time, staff may be afraid of cholera, it is therefore important to reassure as well as train.

    Specific training (depending on the position)

    The job descriptions in Appendix 18 and Appendix 19 outline what staff needs to know to fulfil their position.

    Refresher course

    A refresher course is necessary if the outbreak lasts several months or in the event of recurring or persistent problems in case management or other activities, especially if staff have received only basic training due to the urgency of the situation.


    Note: apart from cholera treatment facilities, medical staff in regular health facilities needs to be trained to recognise cholera cases and refer them to the cholera facility.


    It is essential to carry out an initial visit of cholera treatment facilities in the affected zone at the beginning of the intervention. The aim is to check that staff is familiar with and understand case definition, data collection, treatment protocols, referral criteria, etc.
    Regular visits are later necessary to supervise stock and supply management, evaluate the quality of case management, check that registers are kept up to date and generally answer any of the staff’s practical questions.