3.1 Analysing the context

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    Planning an investigation requires a rapid and complete analysis of the context.


    The following information is essential:

    • the administrative and health organization of the country;
    • security;
    • demographic data (including age distribution, if possible);
    • climate and seasons;
    • maps, including administrative boundaries, towns and villages, locations of health care facilities and main transportation routes;
    • Ministry of Health: organizational chart, key people and their contact information;
    • national response strategy for the epidemic (if there is one);
    • list of partners involved: UN agencies, bilateral assistance programmes, non governmental organizations, etc.;
    • procurement: local options, procedure for importing medical supplies and vaccines;
    • local events: national or religious holidays, market days, large demonstrations;
    • epidemiological situation in neighbouring countries;
    • perception of immunisation among the population.