3.5 Analysing the initial actions taken

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    The investigation enables to analyse the initial actions taken.

    3.5.1 Surveillance

    – Availability and correct use of the case definition, the registers and the data collection forms
    – Regular forwarding of the data and weekly analysis
    – Means available for laboratory confirmation: sample collection equipment, laboratory capacity, forwarding to a reference laboratory

    3.5.2 Outbreak management committee

    – Composition, theoretical and actual operating mode, reactivation
    – Was the outbreak officially declared?

    3.5.3 Patient management

    – Availability of, and prescriber adherence to, protocols
    – Stock of drugs and medical supplies, orders in progress, procurement strategy (current and anticipated)
    – Care conditions, referral arrangements (circuit and conditions)
    – Access to care: financial, geographical, around-the-clock, for everyone (excluded groups?), etc.

    3.5.4 Vaccination

    – Stock of vaccines and vaccination supplies (quantity, strain and expiry date), orders in progress, vaccination strategy (current and anticipated)
    – Precise cold chain inventory (existing and available equipment, by type)
    – Availability of experienced, trained vaccination teams