6.7 Key points

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      The preparation phase is crucial to ensuring a smooth operation.


    ■  The timetable is a tool for visualising and coordinating all the activities that need to be put in place in a given time frame.


    ■  Good coordination between medical and logistics teams is essential.


    ■  Whenever possible, logistics and medical stocks should be kept in the same readily accessible location with round-the-clock electricity.


      The cold chain (storage, production, transport and monitoring) must be meticulously organised throughout the entire campaign.


      The number of sites and teams depends on the size and density of the population to be vaccinated, the expected output per team and the duration of the campaign.


    ■  Team composition is standardised. All members must be trained and supervised.


    ■  Kit- and module-based ordering simplifies needs estimation and supply management.


    ■  Management tools are set up before the campaign starts, and personnel are trained to use them.


    ■  Vaccination quality and safety must be ensured at all levels: high quality vaccines, cold chain, AEFI reporting, waste management and personnel protection.