10.6 Criteria for discharge from the maternity hospital

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    • Preventive treatments and BCG, hepatitis B and polio (0) vaccines administered (Section 10.1.1).
    • Clinical record filled out (including discharge weight).
    • Postnatal visit appointment (Chapter 11, Section 11.3) given.
    • Single use 3 g sachets of 7.1% chlorhexidine digluconate given to complete 7 days of cord care at home in settings with harmful practices (e.g. application of milk, soil, honey, butter, dung on the cord stump). Show the mother how to apply the product on the cord.




    Information for the mother

    • Breastfeeding: Appendix 3.
    • Care for the baby:
      • Wash the baby with soap and water once daily, and immediately dry with a towel or cloth to avoid the baby getting cold.
      • Cord care: clean with soap and water each time it is soiled, rinse well and dry then let it uncovered. Do not apply any harmful substances on the cord. The cord falls between the fifth and fifteenth day after birth.
      • Kangaroo care if weight < 2500 g (Section 10.5.1).
      • Lay baby on the back.
      • Use a mosquito net day and night when the baby sleeps.
      • Keep the baby away from sick (contagious) children and adults.
      • Wash hands before and after caring for the baby.
    • Danger signs requiring a consultation:
      • Difficulty with or unable to breastfeed properly.
      • Abnormal movements
      • Trouble breathing
      • Abnormal colouring
      • Redness or purulent discharge from the umbilicus
      • Fever