9.1 Introduction

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    Drug-susceptible tuberculosis (DS-TB) treatment is indicated:

    • When susceptibility to rifampicin and isoniazid is confirmed by drug susceptibility testing (DST), or
    • If the probability of resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid is low:
      • while waiting for DST results for rifampicin and/or isoniazid,
      • when susceptibility to rifampicin is confirmed and susceptibility to isoniazid cannot be tested.


    The probability of resistance is considered low in the following situations:

    • No previous TB treatment;
    • No contact with a drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) patient;
    • The patient comes from an area of low prevalence of resistance according to drug resistance surveys.


    Patients with DS-TB should start a conventional regimen based on first-line drugs (Table 9.1) or, if eligible, an alternative regimen (Table 9.2).
    All regimens for DS-TB are standard regimens.


    For dosages of fixed-dose combinations, see Appendix 13.

    For dosages of individual drugs, see Appendix 10.