Logistics, water and sanitation aide (ORP)

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    Setting up and maintenance of the facility

    • During the outbreak:
      • participates in setting up the ORP: construction, equipment, implementation and follow up, extension/reduction of ORP (at the request of the supervisor);
      • inspects installations and water/sanitation equipment to check they function correctly and ensures necessary maintenance.
    • At the end of the outbreak:
      • implements the disinfection of the site and materials and the reconditioning of the site;
      • carries out the inventory, the conditioning and storage of reusable materials and the disposal of non-reusable materials.

    Supply and treatment of water

    • Ensures there is enough water available (checks the number of patients present every day).
    • Prepares the “mother solution” every day (1% chlorine solution).
    • Chlorinates water every day according to defined protocol.
    • Checks water quality (measures and records FRC levels):
      • at least twice a day;
      • when a new water reservoir is put into use and water has been stored for over 24 hours.
    • Regularly checks water turbidity and pH level.
    • Discards 1% chlorine solution over 24 hours old and cleans the jerrycan with clean water at least once a day.
    • Inspects the water reservoirs at least twice a month (absence of leaks, deposits; functioning of valves, taps, pumps; condition of protections and stands).

    Preparation, distribution and disposal of chlorine solutions

    • Prepares 0.05%, 0.2% and 2% chlorine solutions every day.
    • Checks the level in the 0.05% chlorine solution containers used for hand-washing.
    • Refills the containers when they are half empty.
    • Discards chlorine solutions over 24 hours old and cleans the jerrycan with clean water at least once a day.

    Management of material resources

    • Evaluates needs and calculates consumption (particularly of chlorine), manage the stock.
    • Participates in preparing orders to be submitted (chlorine, materials, consumables, etc.) and buys local purchases.
    • Informs person in charge of the ORP in the event of a problem (e.g. risk of stock shortage, delivery errors, transport problems) and ensures management of these problems.

    Outreach activities (area around the ORP)

    • Participates if necessary in emergency actions (bucket chlorination, excreta control, collection and elimination of market waste, health education).

    Waste management

    • Ensures the elimination of waste according to the defined protocol.
    • Ensures the waste treatment area is always closed.

    Other tasks

    • Submits a weekly report to the person in charge of the ORP and the supervisor on logistics and water and sanitation activities and problems encountered (e.g. accidents, PPE problem, nonrespect of waste segregation).
    • At the request of the supervisor:
      • participates in certain team meetings;
      • attends in-service training courses.