Use of infusion fluids

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    Choice of infusion fluids according to indications

    3 kinds of infusion fluids should be available:

    • For IV rehydration: Ringer Lactate is the most suitable.
    • For administration of IV drugs: 5% glucose solution and 0.9% sodium chloride solution are the most suitable.
    • For volume expansion: see table next page.

    Precautions for the use of infusion fluids

    • Carefully read the labels on the infusion bottle to avoid mistakes.
    • Indicate on the label any drugs added to the infusion as well as the patient’s name and/or bed number.
    • If drugs are added to the intravenous fluid, think of the risks of:
      • physical and chemical incompatibilities,
      • microbial contamination: aseptic technique.
    • Examine each bottle against the light to check clearness. Discard any bottles that show particles in suspension or cloudiness.