18.2 Logistics, water and sanitation staff

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    Logistics, water and sanitation supervisor

    A specialist experienced in cholera management, in charge of the setting up and maintenance of facilities, monitoring supply of logistics, water and sanitation materials, and the management, training and supervision of technical staff.
    Present every day (either physically or on telephone standby).
    Depending on the size of the CTC, s/he will have an assistant logistics supervisor and/or an assistant water and sanitation supervisor. One of these two assistants should be designated and trained to replace him/her in the event of absence (accident, illness, etc.).


    Water and sanitation assistant
    A technician experienced in cholera management, responsible for the installation and maintenance of the potable water distribution system (including water quality tests, etc.), sanitation equipment, the supply of relevant materials (chlorine-releasing compounds, etc.) and the management and supervision of technical staff.


    Potable water and chlorine solution preparers
    Staff responsible for the treatment, storage and distribution of potable water and the preparation of chlorine solutions (day posts).


    Waste area operator
    Person responsible for operation of the waste area (day post).


    Laundry staff
    Staff responsible for washing staff uniforms, the CTC’s laundry and patient and attendant’s laundry (day posts).


    Water carriers
    If the CTC does not have a water distribution network, staff responsible for carrying water (to drink, for hygiene purposes, etc.) to the different sections of the CTC (e.g. small peripheral CTC or CTC in the process of being set up).


    Logistics assistant
    A technician experienced in cholera management, responsible for setting up and maintenance of the CTC, logistics supply (equipment, food, energy, etc.), management of the vehicle fleet, and management, training and supervision of logistics staff.


    Store keeper
    Person in charge of running the logistics and food store (day post).


    Cook and assistant
    People responsible for the preparation of meals for patients, attendants and staff (day posts).


    Staff responsible for watching the CTC’s entrances/exits and general security in the CTC.
    Day and night: one at each staff and patient entrance and exit.


    Ambulance staff
    If the CTC has its own ambulances: staff responsible for the transfer of patients from ORPs or basic health facilities to the CTC.
    Minimum of one person per ambulance per day