ALCOHOL-BASED solution or gel

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    Therapeutic action

    • Antiseptic


    • Antiseptic hand rub, before and after procedures, whether gloves are used or not

    Forms and strengths

    • Ready to use alcohol-based hand rub solution or gel


    • Alcohol-based hand rubs can only be used if hands are not visibly dirty or soiled with organic matter. There must be no residual powder on hands (use powder-free gloves) and hands must be dry.
    • Apply 3 ml of solution or gel in a cupped hand and spread to cover the entire surface of hands. Rub hands for 20-30 seconds, palm to palm, palm over dorsum, between fingers (fingers interlaced), around the thumbs and nails, until hands are completely dry. Do not dilute the product. Do not rinse off or dry hands.
    • As long as hands are not visibly soiled, the product may be reapplied as many times as necessary without handwashing before or after applying the product.

    Contra-indications, adverse effects, precautions

    • Do not use if:
      • hands are visibly dirty or soiled with organic matter (wash hands);
      • there is residual powder on hands (wash hands);
      • hands are wet (water dilutes alcohol and impedes drying).
    • Do not use after direct contact with a patient with a parasitic skin infection (scabies, lice): wash hands.
    • Do not use simultaneously with soap or another antiseptic (antagonism, inactivation, etc.).
    • Do not use for disinfection of material, patient's skin or mucous membranes.
    • May cause: stinging sensation on broken skin.
    • In case of eye contact flush immediately with plenty of water.


    • Dose required and duration of handrubbing may vary depending on the product used. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
    • To avoid difficulty in putting on gloves, rub hands until the product is completely dry.
    • Use of alcohol-based hand rubs may result in a sticky residue on hands after several applications. In this event, wash hands.
    • Some alcohol-based hand rubs can be used for surgical hand antisepsis, however the technique is not the same as for antiseptic hand rub.


    –  Below 25 °C  

    Close bottles tightly to avoid evaporation. Keep away from sources of ignition (flame, spark, incandescent material).