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    Therapeutic action

    • Antiseptic


    • Antiseptic hand wash and surgical hand antisepsis
    • Preoperative skin preparation (patient preoperative showering, antiseptic cleansing of the surgical site)
    • Cleansing of contaminated wounds

    Forms and strengths

    • 7.5% scrub solution

    Also comes in 4% scrub solution.


    Antiseptic hand wash

    • Wet hands; pour 5 ml of solution, rub hands for 1 min; rinse thoroughly; dry with a clean towel.


    Surgical hand antisepsis

    • There are different protocols, for information:
      • Wet hands and forearms; spread 5 ml of solution on hands and forearms and rub for 1 or 2 min (i.e. 30 seconds or 1 min for each side); brush the nails of each hand for 30 seconds; rinse.
      • Spread again 5 ml of solution on hands and forearms and rub for 2 min; rinse thoroughly; dry with a sterile towel.


    Patient preoperative showering

    • Wet the whole body including hair; apply the solution and rub until the foam is white, start at the head and move down, finishing with the feet. Pay special attention to hair, armpit, hands, perineum, genitals and toes. Leave in contact a few minutes and rinse; dry with a clean towel; put on clean clothes.


    Antiseptic cleansing of surgical site

    • Rub for 1 min the surgical site, using sterile gauze soaked with sterile water and solution; rinse with sterile water; dry with sterile gauze.


    Cleansing of contaminated wounds

    • Prepare a diluted solution:
      • With 7.5% solution: 1 part of solution + 4 parts of sterile 0.9% NaCl or water
      • With 4% solution: 1 part of solution + 2 parts of sterile 0.9% NaCl or water​​​​​​​
    • Clean the wound; rinse thoroughly.

    Contra-indications, adverse effects, precautions

    • Do not use with others antiseptics such as chlorhexidine (incompatibility) or mercury compounds (risk of necrosis). Given the possible interactions between different groups of antiseptics, PVI scrub solution must only be used with products of the same group (i.e. PVI aqueous or alcoholic solutions).
    • Do not use in preterm neonates and neonates < 1.5 kg (use ordinary soap).
    • May cause: local skin reactions (contact dermatitis); exceptionally: allergic reactions.
    • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: no contra-indication for brief application; no prolonged use.


    • For preoperative skin preparation, cleansing of the surgical site is followed by the application of 10% PVI solution.


    –  Below 25 °C