Therapeutic action

– Antiseptic


– Antisepsis of minor and superficial wounds and burns

Forms and strengths

– 5% concentrated solution of chlorhexidine gluconate, corresponding to 2.8% chlorhexidine, to be diluted before use


– Use as a 0.05% aqueous solution:
For one litre: 10 ml of 5% concentrated solution + 990 ml of clear water, boiled a few minutes and cooled


– Apply diluted solution to minor and superficial wounds and burns.

Contra-indications, adverse effects, precautions

– Do not use undiluted solution.
– Do not bring into contact with body cavities, eyes (risk of corneal damage), brain and meninges, middle ear (risk of deafness if ear drum is perforated).
– Do not use with soap or a different type of antiseptic, e.g. povidone iodine (incompatibility).
– May cause: skin and mucous membrane irritation; rarely allergic reactions.
– Avoid applications to mucous membranes, especially to genital mucous membranes.
– Do not use cork stoppers (decreases the antibacterial activity of chlorhexidine).


  Storage: below 25 °C - 
Once diluted, the solution must be used immediately; do not store the diluted solution (risk of contamination).