CLOTRIMAZOLE, vaginal tablet

Therapeutic action

– Antifungal


– Vaginal candidiasis

Forms and strengths, route of administration

– 500 mg vaginal tablet, with applicator

Dosage and duration

– Adult: one vaginal tablet single dose, at bedtime, preferably lying down
Place the tablet on the applicator. Insert the applicator high into the vagina. Push the plunger then remove the applicator.

Contra-indications, adverse effects, precautions

– May cause: local irritation; allergic reactions.
– Inform patients that the oil-based vaginal tablet may damage the latex in condoms and diaphragms and reduce their effectiveness. 
Pregnancy: no contra-indication (do not use the applicator to avoid damage to the cervix)
Breast-feeding: no contra-indication


– Also comes in 100 mg vaginal tablets, applied once daily at bedtime for 6 days. Do not interrupt treatment during menstruation. Clean the applicator with water after each use.
Storage: below 25 °C -