Appendix 28. Calculating the number of teams needed for vaccination

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    The Excel file ESTIMATING HUMAN RESOURCE NEEDS FOR VACCINATION (see Toolbox) contains several worksheets, some of them protected.
    This file is used to calculate the number of teams needed according to the data entered.


    The number of core teams for vaccination depends on the size of the population to be vaccinated, the expected performance (number of vaccinations/day/vaccinator), and the desired duration of the vaccination campaign. Take into account previous experience.

    Using the worksheets

    • Each file has four “Zone” worksheets, named A through D. Use one worksheet for each zone covered by a health facility. If necessary, create new worksheets.
    • Fill in only the yellow boxes. Do not enter data into other boxes as this may modify the automatic calculations and generate errors.

    “Zone” worksheet

    On each worksheet, enter:

    • the name of the region, district, health care facility;
    • the target population: age group and percentage;
    • the name of the zone on the tab;
    • for each vaccination location, indicate: the name of the location, total population, expected performance and desired duration.


    The worksheet automatically calculates:

    • the target population per location;
    • the number of teams required per location.


    If the number of teams is too large for the number of staff available, adjust the duration and/or revise performance.