Appendix 37. Module equipment for one vaccination team

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      Quantity Use
    VACCINE CARRIER, 2.6 l (GioStyle®) + 8 ice packs 0.4 l 1  
    COLD BOX, 20.7 l Electrolux RCW 25/Cf + ice packs 0.6 l + 1 thermometer 1  

    VACCINES AND RENEWABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT a Citation a. If necessary, add other items according to the related activities (deworming, MUAC, etc.).  (to be completed each day when the team gets back)

    VACCINES and DILUENTS (nb of doses according to expected performances + buffer stock) 1500  
    COTTON WOOL, hydrophillic, roll, 500 g 2  
    SAFETY BOX, 15 l, cardboard for incineration 5 Collection of syringes and needles
    NEEDLE, s.u., Luer, 19g (1.1 x 40 mm), cream IV 160 Reconstitution of vaccines
    SYRINGE, s.u., Luer, 5 or 10 ml (according to the volume of diluent/ampoule) 160 Reconstitution of vaccines
    SYRINGE, AUTO-DISABLE, s.u., 0.5 ml 1600 Administration of vaccines
    GLOVES, EXAMINATION, latex, s.u. non sterile, medium 20 Protection for vaccinators
    RETINOL, 200,000 Iu capsule (vitamin A) 1500  
    BAG, REFUSE, 100 litres 5 Collection of soft waste (packaging, cotton, etc.)
    MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and LOGISTIC EQUIPMENT (to be given to team leaders on the first day)
    COAT, MEDICAL, 1 for each vaccinator and preparer 3  
    KIT EPINEPHRINE (1 ampoule of 1 mg/ml + 1 syringe 1 ml + 1 needle IM + protocol) 1  
    KIDNEY DISH, small bowl for cotton 1 For soaking cotton pads
    JERRYCAN, 20 l, with tap 2 Drinking water and handwashing
    SOAP, 200 g, bar 1



    BRUSH, nail scrubbing, plastic 1
    PAPER, KITCHEN, roll 2
    POLYVIDONE IODINE, 10%, solution, 200 ml bottle 1 Disinfection in case of AEB
    CUP, 250 ml, plastic 2  
    SPONGE 1 Cleaning of tables and equipment
    SCISSORS 1 For removing the caps from bottles, etc.
    BUCKET + LID, 4 l, plastic 2

    Collection of vaccine and diluent vials for counting and
    transportation to waste areas

    STAMP, DATE and INK PAD 2 For filling out vaccination cards
    FOLDER, cardboard 1 For keeping tally sheets
    CLIPBOARD, fold over, A4 (tally sheet) 1 For the recorder
    PEN, BALL POINT, black 5 For the recorder and registrars (card)
    MARKER, permanent, large, black 1  
    NOTEBOOK, A4 1  
    TAPE, adhesive, PVC (roll) 1  
    GLOVES, HEAVY DUTY, with leather protection, pair 1 Waste handling
    TAPE, BOUNDARY MARKING, white/orange, fluo., 500 m roll and/or ROPE 20 mm 1 Boundary of the site and the circuit
    MEGAPHONE, 6 W min., battery powered 1 Information on the site and/or area
    BATTERY, 1.2 V, R6 (AA) 8


    • (a)If necessary, add other items according to the related activities (deworming, MUAC, etc.).