Appendix 18. Estimating needs ‐ Vaccines and injection supplies

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    The Excel file ESTIMATING NEEDS - VACCINES AND INJECTION SUPPLIES for vaccination (see Toolbox) contains several worksheets, some of them protected.
    This file is used to estimate needs and prepare vaccine and injection supply orders in each district.

    Using the worksheets

    • Each file has five “District” worksheets, named A through E. Use one worksheet per district. If necessary, create new worksheets.
    • Fill in only the yellow boxes. Do not enter data into other boxes as this may modify the automatic calculations and generate errors.

    “District” worksheet


    • the name of the region and district;
    • the target population: age group and percentage;
    • the volume of one dose of vaccine in cm3;
    • the number of doses per vaccine vial;
    • the percentage of reserve (or buffer) stock desired (10 to 25%);
    • the name of the district on the tab.
    • for each location: the name of the location to be vaccinated, total population, population already vaccinated.


    The worksheet automatically calculates:

    • for each location: the target population (total number of persons), population to be vaccinated, number of doses of vaccines needed, volume of vaccines in litres, number of ADS, syringes and needles for dilution, safety boxes, gloves and cotton wool needed;
    • for the district: the total for all items.