Appendix 27. Measles vaccination summary

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    The Excel file MEASLES VACCINATION SUMMARY (iSee Toolbox) contains several worksheets, some of them protected.
    This file is used to compile the data and automatically calculate the monitoring indicators for a measles vaccination campaign:

    • vaccination coverage;
    • syringe/safety box ratio;
    • auto-disable syringe (ADS) wastage rate;
    • dilution syringe/vaccine vial ratio;
    • vaccine utilization rate.

    Using the worksheets

    • Use one file for each district. Each file includes:
      • a “District vaccination summary” worksheet;
      • a “Manual vaccination summary by location” worksheet;
      • fifteen “Summary table by location” worksheets, named A to O.
    • Fill in only the yellow boxes. Do not enter data into other boxes as this may modify the automatic calculations and generate errors.

    “District vaccination summary” worksheet

    This worksheet is generated automatically from the Summary table by location A through O worksheets.
    The worksheet is completely protected; do not enter anything on it.
    It calculates the vaccination coverage for ages 9 months-15 years, 9-11 months, 12-59 months and 5-15 years.

    “Manual vaccination summary by location” worksheet

    This worksheet is printed out and completed each day in the field by the person in charge of the location, using the tally sheets from all of the sites in a given location.
    The worksheet covers an 8-day period, but additional days can be added if the vaccination goes on longer than that.
    Post-campaign catch-up activities are planned on this worksheet.
    Supply consumption is completed when the campaign is over.

    “Summary table by location” worksheet (A through O)

    To be completed using the vaccination summary by location worksheets, which are filled in manually each day.
    Use one worksheet for each area covered by a health facility. Enter the name on the tab.
    Start with the “Summary table by location A” worksheet and fill in the general information (country, region, district, year, target population, number of doses per vial, etc.); these will be entered automatically on the “District vaccination summary” worksheet.


    The following are calculated automatically:

    • the distribution, in percentage, of children 9 months to 15 years;
    • the vaccination coverage by age group;
    • the number of doses of vaccine used;
    • the vaccine utilization rate;
    • the vaccination quality and safety indicators.