Appendix 36. Vaccination site organisation

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    Area Location   Equipment Staff Duties
      Waiting Spacious, shaded area

    – For shade: tarps, shade cloth
    – Drinking water and cups
    – Megaphone + batteries

    – Volunteers

    – Informing the population (age group targeted by the vaccination).
    – Organizing the queues.
    – Maintaining order.

    Sorting When joining the queue  

    – Ropes/barrier tape
    – Stakes

    – Verifying children’s ages according to the target population.
    – Organizing the queues and explaining the path to follow.


    At the entrance to the site; spacious, sheltered area


    – Tables and chairs
    – Vaccination cards
    – Pens and date stamps

    – People who can read and write (teachers, administrative staff)

    – Filling out the vaccination cards.
    – Explaining the card’s importance.
    – Answering any questions

    Vitamin A After registration   – 200,000 IU retinol capsules – Volunteer

    – Administering the age-appropriate dose.

    Vaccination After vitamin A distribution  

    – Tables and chairs
    – Water, soap, hand towel (handwashing)
    – Sharps container, trash bags
    – Injection supplies, cotton wool, scissors, kidney dish, water
    – Vaccine carrier
    – Cold box (vaccines and diluents)

    – Nurses
    – Student nurses
    – Midwives
    – Health workers trained in vaccination

    – Cleaning the skin with water.
    – Vaccinating.


    Calm area away from the circuit and near the vaccinator


    – Checking the vaccines and diluents (expiry date, name of vaccine, appearance).
    – Reconstituting the vaccines.
    – Keeping the reconstituted vaccines in the cold chain (vaccine carrier foam pad).
    – Preparing the ADSs and giving them directly to the vaccinator.


    Close to the preparers Secure, shaded area


    – For shade: tarps, shade cloth (if outdoor site)
    – Injection supplies (syringes, gloves, etc.)
    – Cold chain (storage, transport)
    – Safety boxes, trash bags
    – Water

    Logistics officer

    – Managing the stock (vaccines, injection supplies, etc.) and supply.
    – Watching over the cold chain.

    Waste storage Secure area   – Work gloves – Gathering safety boxes/bins.

    At the point of exit, near the vaccinators


    – Tables and chairs
    – Clipboard, tally sheets and pens

    – People who can read and write (teachers, administrative staff)

    – Filling in the tally sheet.
    – Directing vaccinated people toward the exit.