Appendix 39. Monitoring distribution and consumption of vaccines and medical supplies

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    The Excel file MONITORING DISTRIBUTION AND CONSUMPTION OF VACCINES AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES (see Toolbox) contains several worksheets, some of them protected.
    This file is used to estimate vaccine needs and monitor the consumption of supplies during the vaccination campaign.

    Using the worksheets

    • Use one file for each region or district. Each file includes:
      • one “Assessment of needs by vaccination location” worksheet;
      • fifteen “Tracking supply team” worksheets, named A through O.
    • Fill in only the yellow boxes. Do not enter data into other boxes as this may modify the automatic calculations and generate errors.

    “Assessment of needs by vaccination location” worksheet

    • When using for the first time, indicate:
      • the name of the region and district;
      • the age group of the target population;
      • the target population as a percentage of the total population;
      • the volume of one dose of vaccine in cm3;
      • the number of doses per vial;
      • the name of each vaccination location, specifying: the total population and the population already vaccinated on previous days.
    • The worksheet automatically calculates:
      • For each location:
        • the target population (number of inhabitants);
        • the population to be vaccinated = target population – population already vaccinated;
        • the number of doses of vaccine required (including losses);
        • the volume of the vaccines (in litres);
        • the number of auto-disable syringes, syringes and needles for dilution, safety boxes, gloves and cotton required;
        • the number of “Renewable medical supplies” modules required.
      • For all locations:
        • the total of the different items.

    “Monitoring supply and consumption by location/vaccination team” worksheet

    • When supplying for the first time, enter:
      • the name of the district, the location, the site and the team;
      • the date;
      • the quantities of modules given: Equipment and Renewable medical supplies.
    • Every day:
      • enter the quantities delivered (only for renewable supplies), if applicable.
    • When vaccination in the location is over or when closing the vaccination site:
      • enter the total leftover supplies recovered.

    The worksheet automatically calculates:

    • the total given;
    • the quantities used.