Appendix 31. Job description, campaign logistics supervisor

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    Works closely with the campaign’s medical supervisor.


    – Participates in developing the activity timetable.


    – Trains and supervises the logistics teams:
    • Evaluates needs and participates in recruitment of logistics teams.
    • Writes the job description for members of his team (logisticians, storekeepers, security guards, drivers, technicians, etc.).
    • Participates in team training (theoretical and practical).
    • Supervises his teams’ work.


    – Participates in campaign organization, planning and monitoring meetings.


    – Manages supply:
    • Identifies and sets up the central storehouse.
    • Organises storage and sets up management tools.
    • Evaluates needs and prepares and tracks orders.
    • Oversees stock management.
    • Coordinates equipment preparation for the sites.
    • Organizes and checks deliveries at the sites.


    – Organizes and oversees the cold chain:
    • Evaluates cold chain needs and sets up the active (refrigerators and freezers) and passive (cold boxes, vaccine carriers and ice packs) cold chains.
    • Ensures the safety and reliability of electrical equipment.
    • Makes sure that equipment is operating correctly: temperature monitoring, maintenance.
    • Ensures rigorous management of the cold chain (incoming and outgoing supplies).
    • Evaluates the ice needs for the campaign and organizes ice pack freezing.
    • Organizes and monitors the cold chain at the sites.


    – Coordinates the creation of vaccination sites:
    • Participates in the selection of vaccination sites.
    • Evaluates the supply/equipment needs.
    • Coordinates site set-up and organization.
    • Oversees the proper organization of the site.
    • Ensures that the sites are cleaned up at closure.


    – Organizes waste collection, storage, transport and disposal:
    • Visits (or selects) the central waste disposal site.
    • Evaluates needs (volumes and means) and defines the collection, transport and disposal strategy.
    • Supervises the set-up and operation of the central waste disposal site.
    • At the vaccination sites: supervises waste collection, temporary storage, and transport to the central disposal site (or on-site waste disposal, depending on the strategy chosen).
    • Makes sure that storage and/or disposal at the sites are safe: protection of sites and personnel.


    – Organizes transport:
    • Evaluates needs (teams and supplies).
    • Coordinates vehicle fleet organization (number, type, schedule, personnel, etc.).
    • Organizes the staff briefing.
    • Procures and manages fuel, lubricants and spare parts.
    • Supervises vehicle maintenance.


    – Organizes the communications circuit and equipment:
    • Evaluates equipment needs.
    • Organises the staff briefing.
    • Organises communications equipment management and maintenance (telephones, radios, walkie-talkies, etc.).


    Other duties
    – Organises and supervises the inventory and storage of materiel after the campaign.
    – Participates in the final campaign evaluation and writing the final report.
    – Organises safety for the logistics and medical teams: guidelines, briefing, etc.