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    Therapeutic action

    • Antifungal


    • Mild oropharyngeal candidiasis

    Forms and strengths

    • 100 000 IU/ml oral suspension, bottle with calibrated dropper

    Dosage and duration

    • Child and adult: 100 000 IU 4 times daily (1 ml of the oral suspension 4 times daily) for 7 days


    The oral suspension should be retained in the mouth for a few minutes before swallowing, or, in young children, applied to the tongue and the inside of the cheeks.

    Contra-indications, adverse effects, precautions

    • Take between meals (e.g. at least 30 minutes before eating).
    • Shake oral suspension well before using.
    • Pregnancy: no contra-indication
    • Breast-feeding: no contra-indication


    • Nystatin also comes in:
      • 100 000 IU lozenge for the treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis;
      • 100 000 IU and 500 000 IU film coated tablets for the treatment of oesophageal candidiasis. 
    • For the treatment of moderate to severe oropharyngeal candidiasis and oesophageal candidiasis, oral fluconazole is the first-line treatment.


    Below 25 °C