FOLIC acid = VITAMIN B9 oral

Prescription under medical supervision

Therapeutic action

– Antianaemia drug


– Treatment of folate-deficient megaloblastic anaemias: severe malnutrition, repeated attacks of malaria, intestinal parasitosis, etc.

Forms and strengths

– 5 mg tablet

Dosage and duration

– Child under 1 year: 0.5 mg/kg once daily for 4 months
– Child over 1 year and adult: 5 mg once daily for 4 months; 15 mg once daily in malabsorption states

Contra-indications, adverse effects, precautions

– Do not combine with sulfadiazine-pyrimethamine in patients with toxoplasmosis nor sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine in patients with malaria: folic acid reduces the efficacy of these treatments.
– Pregnancy: no contra-indication
– Breast-feeding: no contra-indication


– Folic acid must not be used for the treatment of anaemia due to antifolates (pyrimethamine, trimethoprim or methotrexate). Use folinic acid.
– Folic acid is also used for primary and secondary prophylaxis of neural tube defects and for prophylaxis of acute anaemia in patients with sickle-cell anaemia.
– Storage: below 25 °C -