Prescription under medical supervision

Therapeutic action

– Sulfonylurea antidiabetic  


– Second-line treatment of type 2 diabetes, in patients under 60 years:
• as monotherapy, when metformin is not tolerated or contra-indicated
• in combination with metformin, when glycaemic control is inadequate with metformin alone

Forms and strengths

– 5 mg scored tablet

Dosage and duration

– Adult:
Week 1: 2.5 mg once daily in the morning
Week 2: 5 mg once daily in the morning
Increase if necessary in increments of 2.5 mg weekly, according to blood glucose levels.
The usual dose is 5 mg 2 times daily (max. 15 mg daily).

Contra-indications, adverse effects, precautions

– Do not administer in the event of:
• allergy to sulfonamides;
• type 1 diabetes, juvenile diabetes, ketoacidosis;
• severe renal or hepatic impairment.
– May cause: hypoglycaemia, especially in patients over 60 years; gastrointestinal disturbances, weight gain; rarely, allergic reactions.
– Monitor combination with:
• diuretics, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, azole antifungals (fluconazole, miconazole), ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, co-trimoxazole (enhanced hypoglycaemic effect);
• rifampicin (decreased hypoglycaemic effect);
• drugs increasing blood glucose levels: corticosteroids, hydrochlorothiazide, salbutamol, chlorpromazine.
– Avoid combination with alcohol (antabuse reaction and risk of hypoglycaemia).
 Pregnancyavoid. Insulin is the drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in pregnant women (improved glycaemic control; reduced risk of foetal anomalies and neonatal complications).


– Take with meals.
– For doses greater than 5 mg/day, divide the daily dose into 2 doses.
 Storage: below 25 °C -