GLUCOSE 50% = DEXTROSE 50% injectable

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    Prescription under medical supervision



    • Treatment of severe hypoglycaemia

    Forms and strengths, route of administration

    • 50% hypertonic glucose solution in 50 ml vial (500 mg/ml), for slow IV injection (3 to 5 minutes). NEVER BY IM OR SC INJECTION.

    Dosage and duration

    • Adult: 1 ml/kg by slow IV injection
    • Check blood glucose level 15 minutes after injection. If blood glucose level is still < 3.3 mmol/litre or < 60 mg/dl, administer a second dose or give oral glucose, according to the patient's clinical condition.

    Contra-indications, adverse effects, precautions

    • May cause:
      • vein irritation;
      • severe tissue damage (necrosis) in the event of extravasation.
    • The solution is viscous: use a large vein and a large calibre needle.


    • 50% glucose solution is too viscous, concentrated and irritant to be used in children.
    • In children use 10% glucose solution. If ready-made 10% glucose solution is not available: add 10 ml of 50% glucose per 100 ml of 5% glucose to obtain a 10% glucose solution. The dose of 10% glucose to be administered is 2 ml/kg by slow IV injection.


    Below 25° C